Who We Are

AM Kares

Koins for Kenya Different than many non-profit organizations there are no offices of paid employees in the USA. All board members are volunteers, contributing their time, expertise, resources, and ideas to best help with projects in the Koins service area. The USA team of board members and other volunteers work closely with companies, families, charitable organizations, and individuals to provide funds for the various projects and initiatives in Kenya.

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Causes We Work for...

Education throughout Kenya is a vital component for anyone trying to escape

Koins for Kenya began responding to the most vital and immediate need…

Koins’ schools are built by locals so they not only build the

Education is free in Kenya through grade 8.  Koins for Kenya began

Koins has also constructed dams, hospitals, water cisterns, and agricultural programs, balancing

Koins for Kenya

"Originally our 120 students were learning under trees with no desks. Koins for Kenya came to Boyani and built five classrooms full of desks. From that point Boyani began to change. Now we have 400+ students."
-Hamisi Said Mwawndenbo (Head Teacher Boyani Primary School)


Our organization is only successful when you get involved. A wise man once said “Lift where you stand.” He was trying to move a piano. There was no way he could do it alone. But with friends’ help, they could all take a section and “lift where they stand.” It was easy to move the piano.

Building schools is difficult for one person. But when we all lend a hand, both in Africa and the U.S., it becomes easy.