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  • Ribbon Cutting at Vifanjoni
    Here are a few photos from the ribbon cutting at Vifanjoni. We all got adopted into the village and got our African names.Larry – NgomeNancy – MjeniJanice – DzidzeJason – SahaBret – DenaAndrea – Nyamvula
  • School is Done!
    The school is done! The sweet gentle people and children of Lutsanga are using it and loving it! It’s so exciting to see these smiling faces!  How can a person not look at these beautiful children and not crack a smile and maybe shed a tear or two of happiness for them?  Truly this is life-changing for so many people – including myself and my family! The opportunity to …
  • Almost Complete!
    I am SO EXCITED!  They think they will be ready for the kids to start using the school next week!  They still need to paint the logo, the school’s name on it, and get the desks in it. The rainy season is just around the corner and they will have a dry place to meet for school and village meetings. The Village is very excited!
  • School Update – February 18th
    Here are the latest construction photos. The team having worked continuously for 12 days, has made excellent progress. We will soon be ready for paint on the building. 
  • School Update – February 9th
    Update from Leah Njoroge, executive director of Koins for Kenya: Dear Jason, I hope that all is well with you, your family and work.  Please see the latest photos of the construction at Lutsanga.  We hope to wind up construction by end of the month and proceed with the branding and painting. Asante sana!
  • School Update – February 2nd
    They are making excellent progress on the school. The photos below show the walls going up on the school, as well as the construction of the four stall latrine, and the 35,000 litre cistern.  The building blocks for the walls are all formed on site using a machine and raw materials. The blocks are interlocking and do not require mortar between them to hold them together. Once they are …
  • School Update – January 29th
    The school will Now have four classrooms. The three original class rooms, from the Sucher Family / AMKares  donations and a 4th classroom due to a very nice donation from a German Student named Johans.  The walls are going up fast and they have started to build the cistern. As part of the school,  we also construct a 35,000 Litre cistern to capture the rainwater off of the roofs …
  • Starting the School
    The construction for the new school in Lutsanga has begun. The blocks are all hand made on site with a machine that Koins for Kenya owns and brings to the work site. The water to build the blocks and make the concrete is carried to the work site by hand by the villagers. They expect to have the school done in about 2 months. The crew and villagers work …
  • Water in Lutsanga
    Water came to the work sight in many forms.  Women carrying it on their heads from a pond, to containers on motorcycles.  There is no water in Lutsanga.  They have to care it all by hand for everything they do.  It comes from rain and local streams filling local ponds. This is one of the reasons they need the school cistern so badly!
  • Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
    Thank you ALL for the incredible generous donations that is making this school possible!  This is desperately needed. The homes are made of sticks that they hand pack with mud to make the walls. No electricity in Lutsanga at all.  The people were so grateful. We had a LOT of heavy hitters here at the groundbreaking ceremony on January 8, 2021. Lots of government officials and school superintendents. A …
  • Reaching our Destination
    It took us about 30 hours of travel to get here. We left the home at 9:00 am on January 5, 2021. We arrived at our hotel in Nairobi about midnight on January 6th. Kenya is 10 hours ahead of Utah. So about 2:00 p.m. Utah time. We flew from SLC to LA to Amsterdam to Nairobi. Spent the night in Nairobi. Our flight from LAX to Amsterdam had …
  • Arriving at the Village for the Ground Breaking
    Lutsanga is 26.3 km from the closest “town”  called Mazeras. To reach Lutsanga we traveled over 14km of rutted dirt road off the nearest asphalt. When we arrived at Lutsanga they had all of the kids in the village come out and meet us and greet us on the road.  They sang songs and waived branches from trees as flags. The reception was overwhelming. I was warned in advance …
  • AM Kares School in the Village of Lutsanga
    This is where AM Kares will be building the school. It is the village of Lutsanga (loot-song-gah).  Leah (the Kenya manager for Koins for Kenya) says that they conducted a surprise visit today (12/9/2020) just to make sure they were truly ready…and they were.  Since school is not in session there were no children in the classrooms, but once she arrived, and word spread quickly, the people came sprinting …

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Greg Carlile January 28, 2021
| | |
Looking forward to do as much as we can with this noble cause!!!!
Greg Carlile January 27, 2021
| | | Looking forward to do as much as we can with this noble cause!!!!