Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

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Thank you ALL for the incredible generous donations that is making this school possible!  This is desperately needed. The homes are made of sticks that they hand pack with mud to make the walls. No electricity in Lutsanga at all.  The people were so grateful. We had a LOT of heavy hitters here at the groundbreaking ceremony on January 8, 2021. Lots of government officials and school superintendents. A lot of dignitaries. A lot of speeches and talks and singing and dancing. This village is 14.3Km off crazy washed out dirt road from the nearest asphalt.

This will become a primary feeder School for the secondary school that is about 5k away.

Kamoti is the member of parliament over this area and he is the owner of the house we are staying at as well. He states he is going to work with the Kenyan government to make this an accredited school (not all schools are accredited to advance their students education beyond the village level)

Tonight, (January 8th) when we got back to Kamoti’s house we played with the local kids here in this village. The LOVE smarties and we brought about 6 pounds of smarties with us to share. Mariam, Kamoti’s second wife, has been our host here at the home. She cooks for us and takes care of us. She boiled water for us so we could mix hot and cold water from the cistern in a bucket and take a “shower” of sorts by dumping water over our bodies with a cup. There is no running water here right now in the village. It is broken or ran out of water (not sure I understand exactly the problem).

Jason Sucher with a resident of the village
Mom with daughter on lap

couple of huts in the village
Mother with Daughter on lap with a couple of chickens running around
Girl with baby sister on back
boy sitting on motorcycle
group of children smiling
Little kid with yellow AM Kares shirt on
Three kids standing in line
3 kids standing in line with face masks on.
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