School is Done!

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The school is done! The sweet gentle people and children of Lutsanga are using it and loving it! It’s so exciting to see these smiling faces!  How can a person not look at these beautiful children and not crack a smile and maybe shed a tear or two of happiness for them?  Truly this is life-changing for so many people – including myself and my family!

The opportunity to get an education in an accredited  school,  which  will allow them to progress through the Kenyan system,  is a miracle for so many of these children. I’m so grateful that Koins for Kenya has made it possible for us to spread a little joy and happiness in the world. 

And the school means so much more than just an education for the people of the village. This 35,000 liter cistern is the source of their clean water for the entire village. It’s a place where they can hold village meetings and the women can work together on community projects.   It is a gathering place. Something to call their own. Something to take pride in. Something that will change and improve lives for generations to come. 

Thank you to EVERYONE who so generously donated to make this possible. It has been a transformative experience for myself. So much so that Janice and I have determined that we will raise the funds to build another school and will be heading back to Kenya in August to do the groundbreaking on a second school. We invite any of you that are interested to hear over to the coins Koins for Kenya website and use the AMKARES  link to donate and helping us to build this next school!  

THANK YOU!  Love to you all!


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