School Update - January 29th

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The school will Now have four classrooms. The three original class rooms, from the Sucher Family / AMKares  donations and a 4th classroom due to a very nice donation from a German Student named Johans. 

The walls are going up fast and they have started to build the cistern. As part of the school,  we also construct a 35,000 Litre cistern to capture the rainwater off of the roofs of the buildings. This becomes the primary water source for the entire village. Like most rural villages they have no running water in the village and have to carry water from the nearby pond which is shared by many villages as well as cattle and goats. They have no clean water source. So the water that is collected in the cistern is the cleanest and best water source that they could have in this village.

The crews hand construct the cistern out of rebar and concrete. It’s amazing to see the quality of work they are doing. 

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