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Koins for Kenya

In 2000 the founder of Koins for Kenya went on his first humanitarian expedition, joining another organization that was located in Kenya.  He fell in love with the people and wanted to continue assisting them.  He returned annually, taking his children, doing Eagle Scout and school construction projects.  After discovering that only a portion of his donations were reaching the actual projects, Koins for Kenya was created where 100% of the donations goes directly towards the projects.

Koins for Kenya centralizes its operations in the South Coast region of Kenya.  Initially we were only in Kwale County, but after we had met their immediate needs we expanded to the neighboring Kilifi County. The villages we serve are only an hour’s drive from Mombasa, but the small communities consist mostly of mud huts, thatch roofs, and very rough dirt roads.  Bicycles are rare, and vehicles are virtually non-existent.  Series of small trails connect our villages.  The area is very dry, receiving all their water in two “rainy seasons” usually in June and again in October. 

Unemployment is around 80% in the villages, with most families engaged in subsistence farming (meeting the basic needs of the family with little or no surplus for trade).  “Absolute poverty” envelops 76% of the population, with average incomes of $3-4 per day.  Only 6% of the population enjoy some form of electric power in their homes.  According to government statistics, over 1/3 of our children have stunted growth due to malnutrition since corn mush (ugali) is what is available and eaten daily. 

Rainfall is their only source of water since drilled wells usually yield salty water.  It is common that our villagers share small watering holes with livestock.  They have no method of filtration, they cannot afford purification tablets, or have enough time to collect the necessary firewood to boil water for their needs.  The people are forced to drink extremely filthy water with water-borne illness as one of the most serious health risk for nearly everyone in our village areas.

Education throughout Kenya is a vital component for anyone trying to escape poverty.  Higher education is exceptionally competitive since there are only 31 public universities serving nearly 55 million people.  As a comparison, California has 40 million in population with 280 colleges & universities.

Koins for Kenya began responding to the most vital and immediate need… schools.  When we first arrived most classrooms were made of sticks and mud.  Leaky thatch roofs and dirt floors left the children sitting in mud during the rains, or in dusty, chigger-infested dust when it was dry.  Test scores within our schools was abysmal.  After providing comfortable facilities, updated classroom materials, and basic supplies, the test scores soared.  After only a decade, 7 of the top 10 schools in the county were sponsored by Koins.

Education is free in Kenya through grade 8.  Koins for Kenya began providing scholarships to Secondary School to the top students, no matter their economic situation.  Our high school students began to achieve numbers that had never been seen before, and FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HISTORY, students from our area qualified to attend university.  Koins sponsored these top students as they progressed, and now some of them are CPA’s, engineers, doctors, teachers, and alike.  The first girl to ever attend a university from the entire area was documented here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y3Vyvx8czcs&t=1065s

Koins’ schools are built by locals so they not only build the communities where they live, but acquire important trade skills along the way.  The villagers actually dig the foundations by hand, and help make our own cement blocks.  We cut our own lumber, and create our blackboards with special paint.  One of our school pods (two classrooms, pit latrine, 35,000 liter water cistern, and 60 desks) can be completed in less than 4 weeks. 

Koins works with the government to hire qualified staff after our schools are constructed.  Very talented teachers are provided at no expense to Koins. 

Koins has also constructed dams, hospitals, water cisterns, and agricultural programs, balancing the delicate needs with the abilities of our villages.

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"No country can really develop unless its citizens are educated. Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." -Nelson Mandela