Frequently Asked Questions

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There are many countries in Africa that are full of needy people.  Kenya is one of Africa’s safest countries, with a government that typically cooperates with humanitarian groups.  The people are wonderful and willing to do their part, not just sit around until assistance arrives.

Koins sponsors two or three expeditions per year where you can join us for an astonishing experience.

Our groups average 12-15 people, usually taking place during Kenya’s winter (June-September).  If you have your own small group we can arrange a private expedition on dates conducive to your schedule.

Expeditions usually last 10-14 days.  However, we are flexible enough to arrange shorter, or longer, trips.  Expeditions cost between $2,500-$3,500 per person.  Airfares can vary greatly, which is the key to our expedition costs.

Koins has a facility in one of our villages about an hour’s drive from Mombasa.  It has electricity, running water, and even a modern bathroom facility.  It has comfortable beds with mosquito netting and fans to keep the air cool.

We have local ladies who prepare our food.  They have been working with us for years, so they incorporate some of our western dishes with local fair.  Even finicky eaters don’t go hungry.  Although we have running water, all of our drinking water is bottled and brought to the village with us.

Koins can accommodate the desires or skill levels of anyone in our groups.  You can work as arduously as you wish, or at a slower pace.  If you want to be neck deep in our construction activities, we are delighted to engage you.  If you want to teach in the classroom, we have no shortage of hungry minds in our classrooms.  If you want to shadow village ladies to truly see what their lives are like, we have several English-speaking mums that will touch your very soul during your time with them. 

Some people want to go see Mombasa’s historical sites, or go on a safari while they are in Kenya.  Koins can make any arrangement for those activities.  Safaris are truly an experience that you will carry with you forever.

Jason Sucher and his team at Advantage Management aspire to construct a school in one of our most remote villages.  100% of your donation will go towards this endeavor, and you will see the progress of your donation thru photos and videos uploaded at the end of each day.  The school will only require 30 days to complete as our teams have been building these same schools for many years.